Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

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Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

Get to know us

Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

Get to know us

Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

Get to know us

Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

Get to know us

Getting a Licensing Strategy in 7 Days
Professional, Ethical & Creative

Get to know us

19years' experience in managing statutory & licensing procedures

Our Vision

To change the planning and licensing culture into transparent, certain and professional procedures

Netivey Hakama is developing a managerial - professional tool box that bridge the gap between the planning institutions and the entrepreneurial community. We create professional content and work to turn managing statutory & licensing procedures into a profession that requires an adequate education and training.


The Challenges and Solutions in Permitting

Setting a schedule to receive a building permit


Building an outline for immediate action while setting long term goals

Project funding, costs and duration


Cutting short the time it takes to approve the project

Property Improvement


Setting a strategy and allocating managerial resources for implementation

Protecting your property


Matching the Zoning Plans, Permits and the Business Licenses

Communicating with authorities


Managing procedures while documenting and integrating between all stake holders

How we Stand Out

Ethical and professional based creativity

Decades of experience, skilled and experienced teams

Allocating resources to all managerial levels of the project

High availability and real time implementation

Short, medium, and long term planning

A tool box for management and periodic to our clients

Our Services

Zoning Plans

Zoning Plans

We specialize in expediting zoneing plans with district and local committees at any scale. Over the years we have conducted statutory proceedings for entrepreneurial companies, reniwable energy companies and financial companies.

Building Permits

Building Permits

Since the entry into force of Amendment 101 to the Planning and Building Law, licensing procedures in Israel have become more complex and challenging. Our professional team accompanies Urban Renewal companies, retail companies and financial entities and manages the licensing procedures professionally, efficiently and quickly. Among the projects we are managing are abuilding permit for a residential complex in Herzliya as part of an Urban Renovation project, a building permit for an office building in Petah Tikva and a permit for an evacuation and construction project offor a residential complex in North Tel Aviv.

No. 4 Form and Certificate of Completion

No. 4 Form and Certificate of Completion

After completing detailed planning processes, arduous licensing procedures, an execution that also poses quite a few challenges, the desired population stage arrives. Proper management of recieving Form 4 and of the Certificate of Completion allows developers to maintain the continuity between the completion of construction and occupancy. The professional team of Netivei Hakama accompanies urban renewalentrepreneurs, income-producing real estate developers and retailers.

Feasibility Tests and Creating Permitting Strategy

Feasibility Tests and Creating Permitting Strategy

Programming testing and building a licensing strategy is an important step before starting a project. The purpose of this activity is to create a database of the statutory and licensing information on the basis of which it will be possible to understand the alternatives for the procedures and the meaning of each procedure from a planning point of view. Building the strategy is combinedand coordinated with the client, the consultants, the planning and the various licensing authorities.

Business Permits

Business Permits

Managing Business Permitting projects require experience and expertise. Getting a Business Permit involves coordinating between a number of licensing authorities, execution and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations. The responsibility for running a business with a license lies with the business owner, even if he is the owner of a national chain with multiple branches. Therefore, an effective prompt and accurate handling of the business Permitting process is required. We at Netivey hakama have extensive experience in managing these procedures. Over the years we have handled about 150 Business Permits for high-risk businesses such as gas stations, factories, and coffe shops.

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Natali Baroz

Office Manager

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Senior Project Manager

Ygal Chudner

Founder & CEO

Zehavit Yfrah Baba

Administration Manager

Arch. Lilach Mor

Professional Manager

Vicktoria Feller

Project Manager

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Project Manager

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Senior Project Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines what can be built and what are the construction rights of the property?

A Zoning Plan determines the designations, uses, construction rights and other limitations regarding the construction in a specific area. Zoning plans differ in hierarchy from national to regional, detailed and urban plan. A zoning plan is considered to be a legal document in every way.

Which of the following procedures is the least certain?

A Zoning Plan is the least certain of all statutory and licensing procedures since it is open to the objection of anyone who finds the plan damaging.

What does a Building Permit states?

A Building Permit determines the architectural planning and uses of the property in accordance with the instructions of the Zoning Plan.

Where can I find the layout of an NOP?

Layouts of NOPs and other plans are available online at various databases such as: the Planning Administration, Israel Land Authority, the relevant Local Committee, Govmap, etc.

When can you occupy a building?

A building can be occupied only after the local authority issues a No. 4 Form and/or a Certificate of Completion.

Who may initiate a change in a Zoning Plan?

A zooming plan can be initiated by a land owner (private or institutional), and/or local a municipality or a governmental institute etc.

When can I object to a Zoning Plan?

It is possible to object to a Zoning Plan within the 60 day deposit period. The objection should be based on planning considerations and not proprietary. It is possible to submit a proprietary claim based of article 197 to the building and construction law.

Who needs a Building Permit?

Any one who changes the planing or the use of a proper must do so after getting a Building Permit.

What is the validity of a Building Permit if the construction or use didn’t start?

In case that the construction or the use didn’t start the Building Permit is valid for one year. Once construction has started it is valid for three.

Is it possible to build not according to a Zoning Plan?

It is possible to deviate from the instruction of a Zoning Plan as long as it is no considered a major deviation. You can ask for a relief from the instructions of the Zoning plan, as part of the request for a Building Permit, and pending the approval of the local committee, it is possible to build in contradiction to the instructions of the Zoning Plan.

What is the shortest way to approve the changes that wee made during construction?

The shortest way to approve changes that were made during construction is A Municipal Engineer Approved Permit. During construction, on occasion, it is required to build not I accordance with the Building Permit. According to the Planning and Construction law, the municipal engineer may approve certain changes in an expedient procedure that doesn’t require a hearing and/or approval of the local committee. This procedure doesn’t require submitting a request for information and a permit is issued once a plan is submitted, checked and approved.

Is it possible to submit a request for a building permit once a notification according to articles 77 78 was published as part of a Zoning Plan?

A notification according to articles 77 and 78 is published as part of the making of a Zoning Plan in order to specify the limitations under-which Building Permits can be issued within the area that is included in it. It is possible to apply for an exclusion from the notification by coordinating with the relevant planning institute.

What is the purpose of No. 4 Form and/or Certificate of Completion?

The local committee issues No. 4 Forms and Certificates of Completions as a way to approve that the building matches the Building Permit its conditions and appendix. It is also a way for the committee to verify that the construction is up to code and that the building is ready to be populated.

Which works are exempt from a building Permit?

Amendment no. 101 to the Planning and Construction law defines a few construction works as exempted from a Building Permit, as long as they are in accordance with the guidelines of the local committee. Works such as building a pergola, a storage for a residential home, accessibility works etc.

When can construction begin?

It is possible to start construction only after getting a Building Permit and a Permission to Start Construction. Getting the committee’s decision to approve a request, paying construction fees or completing the terms for getting a Building Permit do not allow you to start construction.

What should I check before buying a property?

Before buying a property it is highly recommended to go over the relevant Zoning Plans and Building Permits in order to understand the Curren and future building rights, to know what else is bing built near by and to make sure that the property was built according to the Building Permit that was issued by the Local Committee.
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